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I offer workshops open, in-house and perspectively online.

While the in-house workshops adapt to the challenges of the company or organization, the open workshops are about the mix of:

- Asking WHY
- The KNOW-WHY wave as a tool
- Awareness, rarely used
- The biopsychological drivers of human action
- The Holistic Integration and Development Plan
- Motivating people (when does NLP etc. work?)
- When are projects/teams successful?
- Systemic product development (idealized system design)
- Systemic corporate strategy
- Inherent dynamics of the development of cultures
- Potentials of social transformation

The open workshops remain generally understandable even for participants who are less interested in business or societal change. There are numerous exercises and practical examples in the workshops.

At the end of the workshop, participants receive a certificate as "Practitioner of KNOW-WHY". Afterwards, participants can opt to submit a concrete topic reflected in the cause-effect model using the KNOW-WHY Method and receive the "Master of KNOW-WHY".

Dates for open workshops:

23.02.2024 Lagos, Portugal

24.05.2024 L├╝beck, Germany

Registration and more information at