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Once we have internalized KNOW-WHY Thinking and look at systems in their ability to develop in an integrated way, companies, projects, organizations, teams and ultimately also products are conceivably easy to plan in their success.

It even goes so far that other concepts and philosophies are suddenly understood in both their functioning and possible non-functioning. Vision, mission, strategy and operational planning are the integration. Agile is the opportunity to evolve, too much, and integration is missing. Effectuation, Holacrazy, Viable System Model, NLP in companies, .... all this works only insofar as integrated development of the system and its people is made possible.

This is true for the macrosystem of the market, the company, the strategy, the team, the
project or product, as well as for the people,
who are satisfied in the company and as
customers are satisfied when they experience
integration and development.
Stunning, that so many people state
have quit inside,
and so many products mean
too much development or
too little integration or
too little development.

The application of the KNOW-WHY Thinking
in the context of the method of the
Idealized System Design
refers to the development of
superior solutions,
for products, teams, events
projects, buildings, etc.
The iMODELER was created with this method
and the next features are
are already in the pipeline.

There is still one small catch: if you now want to carry the KNOW-WHY way of thinking into your company, this is first of all a lot of further development for the rest. So you have to think about how to integrate this further development. That said, we can certainly think of something, right?

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