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Coaching & Consulting Kai Neumann
ilsa Coaching & Consulting Kai Neumann - using KNOW-WHY Thinking and the KNOW-WHY Method to see the interconnections - satisfaction in life, successful enterprises and a better world.
As a coach, trainer, consultant, lecturer, scientist and book author, as well as co-founder of Consideo and the great iMODELER, I have been pursuing the mission of helping others to understand the interconnections and achieve the vision of a better world since 1996......
..... and there is still much to do. By clicking on the factors in the figure there is more information - to navigate back via browser or click on the KNOW-WHY wave!

It's about complexity, the limits of best practice, interpretive sovereignty and gut feeling, psychology, sociology, culture, economics, science and technology and also politics.

While with Consideo we offer software-based cause and effect modeling using the iMODELER in all application areas, with 'ilsa' I focus on the systemic KNOW-WHY way of thinking, the nature of human beings (biopsychology) and the metasystemic explanation of almost everything.

As complicated as this may sound now - as simple and practical it is in the workshops, coaching and consulting, and of course in the books.

The KNOW-WHY way of thinking was born when I was a student in 1996 with my question WHY it should be like this - why Beer's Viable Systems Model should be successful, why there should be the homo oeconomicus of macroeconomics, why we should all strive for Reiss' motives for action or why, with all the formulated concepts and explanations, not more people and companies are successful and happy and, on the contrary, there is so much wrong in the world.

In fact, the world and all of our lives are so complex that it is not about recurring systems and their fixed effect relationships (as in the descriptions of social systems by Luhmann, the success concepts of the management gurus or the justifications of cultural developments by historians, trend and consumer researchers), but about individual circumstances. To simply collect these circumstances for each challenge by asking for the "WHAT" and the "HOW", we quickly get lost in details without really recognizing the levers for successful action.

If, on the other hand, we systematically ask for the "WHY" when we look at the circumstances, we quickly realize that ultimately everything goes wrong if it does not adapt to the change of the circumstances or does not develop ahead of competition, or if it develops too much without being integrated or adapted to the circumstances.

This applies to entire companies, to projects, products, teams, individuals, to relationships (partnerships, families), communication, events, Internet presences, films, etc.. As trivial as the realization seems that something has to evolve and at the same time be adapted to the circumstances, it is powerful in practice to really reflect on our challenges in this regard. And this is exactly what the KNOW-WHY way of thinking and its application in coaching, consulting, modeling, product development (called Idealized System Design, ISD) or personal life planning (called Holistic Integration and Development Plan, HIDP) is all about.